Robb Wolf im Interview – der Paleo Experte aus den USA

Wir hatten die Chance mit Robb Wolf zu sprechen, einem der Vorreiter in Sachen Paleo in den USA. Mit seinem Buch The Paleo Solution hat er viele Menschen inspiriert die “Paleo Diet” auszuprobieren und damit ihr Leben teilweise zu verändern. Im Interview (Englisch) spricht Robb Wolf über die Popularität von Paleo in den USA, den wachsenden Trend “Paleo” sowie die Probleme mit der Verfügbarkeit von hochqualitativen Lebensmitteln.

Hi Robb, you are one of the “go to” persons when it comes to the Paleo Diet in the US. How did that happen?

I like to joke that my prominence is a clear sign of a lack of talent in this area! Seriously however, I think the combination of my research background, passion for this topic of evolutionary medicine and working for 15 years to get this message out is the reason for the success.

Robb Wolf

What is your educational background?

I have a BS in biochemistry, a pretty broad mix of graduate work in immunology, proteomics, and analytical chemistry.

What was your motivation to put so much time and effort in promoting the Paleo Diet?

I had some very severe health problems myself that resolved with a paleo diet. I literally just started talking to co-workers who had similar issues, saw these people improve their health and thought “wow! maybe there is something bigger here.”

“Robb Wolf, Your book really inspired me to change my way of eating” – How often do you hear that sentence? (in my case it’s true)

I’m honored by that! And fortunately I hear something like that quite often.

Which benefits do you see when people switch to a Paleo Diet?

The most immediate benefits: Improved digestion, sleep and energy levels. this seem to be almost universal. From there benefits are somewhat specific to the individual, for instance if the person had bad blood chemistries, autoimmunity or other issues.

How big is the “success rate”, meaning people who once started that stick to Paleo on the long run?

Honestly, I’m not sure. I receive a lot of success stories. But how many people tried paleo and it did not work, but they did not take the time to tell me about it? What I do know is the concept is gaining momentum globally and at a very rapid rate. This seems to be driven by word of mouth…one person sharing experiences with another.

How big is Paleo compared to other diets in the US (Low-Carb, Vegan, etc.)? How was the development in the last years?

Paleo seems to have shot past LC and vegan back in 2009 as far as popularity.

The Paleo community in Germany is still very small. What gave Paleo the push in the US to gain the importance it has today?

People tried it! they gave it a shot for 30 days to see if the effort was worth the reward.

What are the most important products and services available for people on the paleo diet which are available in the US?

I think a very good food system, which can be both bad and good. People can get watermellon any time of year…but they can also get junk food delivered to their home.

The availability of high quality animal products (grass-fed beef, wild caught fish,…) is a big challenge in Germany. Do you have a similar problem in the US? What are your solutions?

This is changing. 10 years ago this was a big problem. sustainable, GF beef is now becoming much more common. It just takes time and an interest in these products.

Could you say a few words to those here in Germany who are interested in the Paleo Diet but haven’t given it a shot just yet. Motivate them!

I can’t think of anything more than “just give it a shot, for 30 days, see how you look, feel and perform ”  Generally, if people do this, the results speak for themselves.

Thanks so much!

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